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World Diabetes Day 2021- CHALK ABOUT DIABETES

  • 14 Nov 2021

Together the Diabetes Alliance of Idaho and Camp Hodia want to invite Idaho's clinics, hospitals and other care providers to join the celebration of World Diabetes Day (WDD) 2021!! This year’s WDD theme is ‘Access to Diabetes Care’.  People living with diabetes need ongoing education to manage their condition.  Many do not have access to the fundamental components of diabetes care, including;

  • Access to insulin
  • Access to oral medicines
  • Access to self-monitoring
  • Access to education and psychological support, and
  • Access to healthy food and a safe place to exercise.  

Let's increase awareness and access of diabetes services in Idaho and Chalk About Diabetes! 

Register your Hospital, Clinic, or Pharmacy  and we will help promote your services to those who need them most! 

Registration is FREE! 


Want to register as an individual? Click HERE

Download Communication Toolkit Here: This toolkit will give you some ideas on how to promote this event and get your patients, friends, family and community involved! 

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Address: P.O Box 143, Boise, ID 83701

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